Boy Scout Shoots at the Family Shooting Center Pricing Guide

Scouts and their leaders have the option of shooting both rifle and shotgun at the Family Shooting Center.  It is recommended that only one of these activities be done in any one day where the majority of the logistics and support is provided by the Family Shooting Center.  Prices quoted represent either a Troop or a Patrol activity for the primary purposes of merit badge work.  Blue cards for the Scouts should be prepared in advance and available for sign-off at the shoot. It is recommended that the Scouts have completed Home Firearms Safety class and have with them the class certificate of completion.  Scouts having completed the merit badges may continue to shoot the NRA Marksmanship Program under this Boy Scout pricing guide.  Recreational shooting is not a part of this pricing schedule.

Your troop shooting program can be custom tailored for your needs.  All resources necessary for your shoots can be provided by the Family Shooting Center.  These include eye and ear protection (both for rental and for purchase), 2 types of rim fire rifles, 4 types of shotguns, training ammunition and some shooting accessories.  We have NRA certified and BSA approved rifle and shotgun instructors and coaches.  We also provide the NRA Marksmanship program awards and patches to supplement awards from summer camp.  As well, we have Family Shooting Center patches which would make a fine souvenir for the Scouts’ participation at the shoot.

Rifle fees:

                Range Fee             $7           Youth

                                             $11         Adult Leader (if shooting)

                Gun use                 $9           per gun set (one open sights, one target gun)

                Ammo                   $8           100 rounds ($4.00 per box of 50 target ammo)

                Eye and Ear          $1/$2     rental


                Hand Trap:

                                Range Fee             $7           Youth

                                                             $11        Adult leader (if shooting)

                                Gun use                 $9           per gun

                                Ammo                   TBD       as requested

                                Eye and Ear           $1/$2     rental

                                Trap rental             $6           per machine, one machine per 4 shooters

                                Birds                      $13       box of 135

                Auto Trap:

                                (No range fee)      $6.00      per round of trap (25 birds, adults)

                                (No range fee)      $4.00      per round of trap (25 birds, Scouts only)

                                Gun use                 $9           per gun

                                Ammo                   TBD       as requested

                                Eye and Ear          $1/$2     rental

Range time is scheduled to meet your needs.  Some restrictions may be necessary.  An early morning shoot may be scheduled in which the troop will have exclusive use of the range.  A range officer is required at $30 per hour rate (normal charge is $60 per hour) if the Troop is shooting during special hours. 

Instructors may be provided.  The instructor may be a volunteer or if paid by the Family Shooting Center, a nominal fee of $30 per hour is charged.  The Troop may provide certified instructors under BSA guidelines.  However, a FSC range officer will be present on the range at all times shooting is taking place.  When FSC firearms are in use, only FSC ammunition may be used in the guns (insurance requirement).

CAP & BSA Family Firearms Safety Class Pricing

Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol cadets and other youth organizations may participate in an excellent firearms safety class.  The Family Firearms Safety class at the Family Shooting Center is based on the National Rifle Association’s Home Firearms Safety class.  When the student completes the class, he/she is issued an NRA Home Firearms Safety certificate certifying successful completion of the class basics. 

The basic class is finished in one evening upon completion of a written exam.  However, the Family Shooting Center offers an additional range day for the full price of the course.  On the range day, students will shoot two types of .22 rim fire rifles.  One is basic open sights and the other is an introductory competition gun with aperture sights.  The ammo and gun rentals are included in the full price of the course.

For youth groups desiring their own shoot times, it is suggested that the group take only the evening class.  The range time is separate from the class and is a part of the regular shoot for the group.  Therefore, pricing for the students who take only the evening class will be reduced to $20 each.  Regularly scheduled Family Firearms Safety classes are scheduled usually once per month.  If the group wishes to do a safety class for only themselves, this can be arranged on most days.  A minimum of 8 students is required to schedule a special class.  At $20 per student, a class of 8 would cost $160.  The fee must be paid in advance of scheduling and will be non-refundable.

A student completing the basic class and receiving the certificate may choose to do range time in addition to his group’s scheduled shoot.  For another $10, the student will be allowed to participate in the Saturday range session normally scheduled with the regular monthly firearms class.  This will entitle the student to guns and ammunition per the class syllabus.

The student will then participate in the regular shoot of the group that he belongs to.  Costs of the group shoot are completely separate from the Family Firearms Safety Class.

BSA/CAP Pricing:

Thursday only basic Family Firearms Safety class:                            $20

Thursday basic class and Saturday range time:                                $30

Minimum group of 8 students, special class date:                             $160+

All fees paid in advance, non-refundable and non-transferable