Firearms Training Classes

                                               Course Descriptions & Tuition Information

The Family Shooting Center is proud to staff NRA Certified Instructors and Coaches to provide you with the safest and highest quality instruction available.  We offer a full range of courses to meet your shooting needs.

Call 303-680-5401 for scheduling information.

Family Firearms Safety - $60

($50 each - 2 family members, $40 each - 3 or more family members)

(3 hours)

Price includes guns, ammunition, and targets.

Family oriented.  Family Firearms Safety gives a look at the basic information needed to safely own and use a firearm.

*Rifle Pistol Shotgun Knowledge & Gun Handling

*Ammunition Basics   

*Firearms Care and Storage

*Choosing a Firearm

*2 hours of range time with small bore rifles

Private Instruction/Coaching

Priced on length of lesson ($60 per hour rate)

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun proficiency for beginners, competition, hunting, personal protection and law enforcement.

*By appointment only

*Deposit requested

Basic Rifle - $95

(12 hours)

*3-4 hours of range time

“To teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use a firearm safely” is the goal of these courses.  Whether you are a beginning shooter or an ‘old pro’, basic classes offer information such as:

*Firearm Knowledge & Safe Gun Handling

*Ammunition Knowledge

*Fundamentals of Shooting Rifles

*Shooting Positions

*Sports and Activities

Pistol 101 - $80

For beginning pistol shooters.  Familiarization with basic gun knowledge, handling skills, and mental attitude necessary to own and use a handgun safely.

* Firearm Knowledge & Safe Gun Handling

* Ammunition Knowledge

* Firearms Care and Storage

* Fundamentals of Shooting Handguns

* Shooting Positions

* Selecting a Handgun


Metallic Cartridge or Shotshell - $120 each

(10 hours each)

Learn the fun and rewarding process of safely reloading your own ammunition.

*Safety Rules and Procedures

*Components and Supplies

*Equipment Use and Selection

*Reloading Manuals and Data

*Refining Loads

Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed Handgun Permit Class - $120

This class teaches students the foundations for the safe, effective, efficient, legal and ethical use of a handgun as a self defense tool of last resort.  Topics covered include how to safely draw your defensive handgun from a holster, Colorado laws, and mindset.

* 2 hours of range time

* Q&A with local law enforcement officer

* 6 hours of class

* Must be acceptably proficient in basic handgun skills

Personal Protection In the Home - $125

  (intermediate pistol / defending yourself and others)

(12 hours) Includes 3 hours of range time, 3 hours of legal lecture, and introduction to U.S. Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program

For advanced pistol shooters desiring more of a combative/self defense format.  Essentials are presented for the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information relating to concealed carry and the use of deadly force in today’s society.

*Defensive Shooting & Defensive Handgun Skills

*Firearms & the Law:  Possession, Ownership, and Deadly Force

*Strategies for Home Safety and away from home.

*Responding to a Violent Confrontation

*Selecting a Handgun for Self-Defense

*Sport Shooting Activities & Training Opportunities

Personal Protection Outside the Home

  (advanced concealed carry class / drawing from holster)

Call the office at 303-680-5401 for details.

Instructor Development

Interested in passing your knowledge and experience on to others?  Become an Instructor.  NRA Training in all disciplines.  You then have the option of teaching with our senior instructors to gain the personal confidence to conduct your own classes.

*Prices will vary by discipline and supplies required.

*Basic classes are a pre-requisite for entry into the instructor program.

*Must be 21 years of age.

*$20.00 Deposit required to hold a slot for each student.  Deposit is non-refundable / transferrable 1 time.

*All class fees include class materials.

*Range times will be scheduled at class.