Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a public or private shooting range?

A: We are a full service public outdoor shooting range.  You may join the Centennial State Shooting Club to take advantage of many benefits, but it is completely voluntary.

Q: Do I need a case for my firearm?

A: Yes - without exception.  You must have your firearms unloaded and cased before they leave your vehicle.  Hard or soft cases are acceptable.  You may purchase an inexpensive case from us, but please leave your firearms in your vehicle until you have cased them.

Q: Do I need a parks pass to shoot at the range?  Where can I get one?

A: Yes, you do need a state parks vehicle pass to enter Cherry Creek State Park.  You can purchase daily or annual passes at the park entrance.  Use the following link for more information from the park:  Click Here

Q: What size of shot can I use at the trap ranges?

A: The shot size must be 7-1/2 or smaller, e.g. 7-1/2, 8, 9.

Q: What size of shot can I use at the patterning board?

A: The shot size must be 4 or smaller, e.g. 4, 5, 6, 7-1/2, 8, 9.

Q: What size of shot can I use at the pistol range?

A: The shot size must be 3 down to slugs, e.g. slugs, buckshot, 1, 2, 3.

Q: Can I shoot a pistol grip shotgun?

A: Only if it has an attached shoulder stock.  The shotgun must be shot from the shoulder.

Q: Are there any gun type restrictions?

A: No fully automatic firearms, .50 BMG, .416 Barrett, derringers, firearms without trigger guards, pistol grip only shotguns, and most pistol grip only rifles.

Q: Is green tip 5.56 NATO (M855) allowed on the rifle line?

A: Yes.  green tip (M855) is not AP and will not damage the steel on the range.

Q: Are there any ammunition restrictions?

A: No incendiary, tracers, armor piercing, or exploding ammunition is allowed.

Q: Can I shoot with my standard capacity magazines?

A: Yes.  Any magazine exceeding 15 rounds can be used at the range.  We cannot sell you a magazine with a capacity greater than 15 rounds.  For more info, click HERE.