Welcome to the Family Shooting Center

Yes!  We are open to the public!

We are a full service public outdoor range offering pistol shooting, rifle shooting at 50 yards and 100 yards, shotgun shooting and archery.  Our shotgun ranges include pedestal trap, American trap, and 5-stand sporting clays.  We also have a patterning board.

Open 7 days a week (some holidays excluded / weather permitting)  

Our current hours are: 

     Monday - Friday:  10:00 am to 7:00 pm

     Saturday:  9:00 am to 7:00 pm,   Sunday:  9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Call the office - (303)-680-5401 - if the weather is questionable.

- Trap Shooters -

It's time to register for Summer Trap Leagues!

You will notice something new.  We have received a number of requests for a Doubles competition.  Therefore, we are going to offer a third choice for league on Thursday night.  This will be an individual competition shoot - no teams for this one.  100 shots, 2 rounds of doubles.

You may shoot one or all three leagues should you wish.  Please fill out a separate registration for each.  You may call the office and register or you may come in to the office.  Indicate shooters with whom you would like to shoot, just as if you were forming a team.

As always - first come, first served.  Current league members will be given first choice of slots up until June 1.  After that, no special privilege - first to sign up, first to get slots.

See you at the range!


Now available at the range!

Open 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays)

winter hours:  11 am to 4 pm


Our Top Dog vendor has: 

hot dogs, brats, burgers, drinks, chips, nachos,

pretzels w/cheese, and more!

Gourmet brats are offered:

buffalo, elk, pheasant, wild boar, jackalope, ...

Ask about our daily specials!

We proudly serve gourmet meats from Continental Sausage.

Want to beat the wait list on weekends?

Join Centennial State Shooting Club

Members go to the TOP of the wait list!

For club information - click HERE (PDF format)

Free 1 year NRA membership

with a Centennial State Shooting Club membership

$35 value - (new membership only - self, family member, or friend)

For club information - click HERE (PDF format)

Need ammunition?

We have most calibers available!

including .22LR

Note:  Quantities may be limited for some popular rounds;

Centennial State Shooting Club members may purchase larger quantities.

Feel like shooting a machine gun?

Now is your chance!!!

For more info and pics,  CLICK HERE

Available selected days, dependent on weather.

Check the calendar AND call ahead that morning to verify the next shoot date.

Next Scheduled Shoot Date:

- Please Call Office -

Family Shooting Center

July 1, 2013 Impact of new Colorado Restrictive Gun Laws

The Family Shooting Center at Cherry Creek State Park wants you to know that the new firearms laws going into effect on July 1 do not impact our range operations.  You may bring any of your firearms to the range to shoot, following our normal range rules.  As well, you may rent any of our rifles, pistols and shotguns as you have always been able to do.  The Family Shooting Center is proud to stand with the County Sheriffs of Colorado in their battle for your Constitutional rights. 

Visit Sheriffs’ Lawsuit page for further information.

54 Colorado County Sheriffs vs Governor John Hickenlooper

The Family Shooting Center at Cherry Creek State Park is proud to announce that we stand with the County Sheriffs of Colorado in their legal actions against Governor John Hickenlooper.  The Family Shooting Center is a named Plaintiff in the Sheriffs' complaint filed in United States District Court on May 17th.  Together, 24 business entities, individuals and 54 Colorado County Sheriffs are standing firm in the defense of the United States Constitution and against the outrageous abuse of power and poor judgment demonstrated by State Legislators and the office of the Governor in the last legislative session.

- See Sheriffs' Lawsuit for more information -

Yes!!!  We have a large selection of ammunition in stock!

We have a large selection of most calibers of ammunition.

Here's what we have to offer:  (and there's more to come...)

    • special events and corporate shoots available by appointment
    • concealed carry training and proficiency certification
    • shotgun - ATA automated trap
    • shotgun - hand throw (pedestal) trap
    • shotgun - 5-stand sporting clays
    • pistol range
    • rifle range - 50/100 yard
    • archery range - 10 position, 50 yard
    • handgun, rifle, and shotgun rentals
    • firearms training classes
    • police style and security training

Please Note:  Eye and ear protection is required at all times on the ranges and is available for sale if you don't have your own.

You must have your firearms unloaded and cased before entering the facility.

- Acceptable cases are:  hard cases, soft zippered cases, soft sleeves (not soft socks), and original shipping boxes

- Inexpensive cases and sleeves are available for purchase at the range.