54 Colorado County Sheriffs vs Governor John Hickenlooper


    • 54 of the 64 Colorado County Sheriffs and 24 business entities and individuals (including the Family Shooting Center) have filed a Complaint on May 17 in the United States District Court as the first in a series of legal actions to try to nullify the unconstitutional laws enacted by the State Legislature and signed by Governor John Hickenlooper.

May 17 Press Conference:

    • 18 county Sheriffs and Mr. David Kopel, attorney for the plaintiffs, held a Press Conference to delineate the what, why and where of the legal actions filed.

Donate to the cause:

    • The National Rifle Association has jumped into the fray with both feet.  They are helping to fund the legal challenge.  Your additional contributions to the cause may be directed to the Colorado State Shooting Association http://www.cssa.org which is the official state of Colorado affiliate to the NRA. Anthony J. Fabian, P.C., is the legal firm representing the Family Shooting Center’s interests in the Sheriff’s lawsuit and the firm is partially funded through the CSSA.  Please be generous in your support.

    • Kopel and the Independence Institute need funds to fight the Governor.  Please support them in any way that you can in any amount you are able.  You can go to their website to donate.  http://www.i2i.org/support.php

An Act:  House Bill 13-1224:

    • This Act by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado was signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper on 3-20-2013.  It concerns prohibiting large-capacity ammunition magazines and any convertible magazine, which encompass some 90% of magazines commonly in use today.  (enacted bill)

Colorado Attorney General Technical Guidance memo for Enforcement of HB 13-1224:

    • The Colorado Attorney General, at the request of Governor Hickenlooper, issued law enforcement guidance in a memo dated May 16, 2013.  The guidelines are an attempt to clarify the terms “large capacity magazine”, “designed to be readily converted”, “possession” and “continuous possession” in the bill.  The memo HAS NO FORCE OF LAW, i.e. - it is NOT binding on the courts.

An Act:  House Bill 13-1229:

    • This Act by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado was signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper on 3-20-2013.  It concerns criminal background checks performed pursuant to the transfer of a firearm.  (enacted bill)

June 12, 2013 Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and for Preliminary Injunction: 

    • The first of a series of legal steps to keep the bill HB 13-1224 High Capacity Magazine Ban from being fully implemented.  (Motion)

July 10, 2013 Preliminary Injunction Hearing:

    • On July 10, Doug Hamilton, along with other plaintiffs in this suit, will be testifying before the judge regarding impacts to their business operations including financial losses that may result.  The judge is expected to render a decision regarding the injunction request within a few days of this hearing.  Should the court grant the injunction, the provisions of HB 1224 dealing with magazines of 15-round or less capacity that are “designed to be readily converted” to over 15-rounds and the requirement of “continuous possession” of currently-owned magazines of over 15-rounds would be unenforceable until the full lawsuit has been decided on the merits.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."