Trap Leagues 2019

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The Family Shooting Center is pleased to offer Spring Trap Leagues. Leagues will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, at 5:30 p.m. A maximum of 40 participants will be accepted for each League.  Teams are comprised of three (3) to five (5) shooters. Spring leagues will consist of 50 clays- 25 clays with your Team at 16 yards and 25 clays shot individually at handicap yardage.


Shooters will be competing for individual and team trophies and prizes. There will also be optional individual money purses every week. Trophies and prizes will be based on total participation. Silver (may) be awarded periodically.


The leagues will operate independently with an elected President. There will be a Ladies Division and a Junior Division if there are enough entries. Groups of friends are encouraged to shoot on the same team. Declare such on your registration sheet. Slots in the league will be filled on a first come, first serve basis with prior league participants having priority.  NOTE: to guarantee your slots, the registration fee must be paid in full, no refunds of the registration fee.  A group sign up requires the individual siging up his team to prepay all slots for all team groups requested.  All information on each shooter must be received no later than the first week prior to league start.


Dates and Times: Registration and team assignments will be established on Tuesday March 12th, and Wednesday March 13th, at 5:30 p.m. with shooting to follow. Shooters are encouraged to pre-register. Spring leagues will run for 10 weeks.  Shoots may be postponed by weather and will be made up by either a double shoot on another league day or an additional league day will be scheduled.


The first shoot on March 12th and 13th will be a bank day and establish averages per league rules. The first competition will be the second week of league.

Registration will be allowed up until the shoot start time of 5:30 p.m on the second week of league.



Family Shooting Center office number is 303-680-5401. 

One-time Entry Fee = $50 per person

(to be paid at time of registration and is non-refundable).


$120 (Adults) and $80 (Youth) = Bird Fees

(due the second night of league).

Register at the range or on the phone.  Entry fee and registration sheet required to hold a slot.

Prior league members receive priority - additional slots filled on first come, first served basis.

Each team member must register independently.

Family Shooting Center Trap League Rules

(rev 6-29-15)

The Family Shooting Center is pleased to offer Regular Trap Leagues.  A maximum of 40 participants will be accepted for League.  Teams are comprised of 3 to 5 shooters.

Shooters will be competing for individual trophies and prizes. There may also be optional individual money purses every week.  Trophies and prizes will be based on total participation.  Silver will be awarded periodically.

The league will operate independently with an elected President.  There will be a Ladies Division and a Junior Division if there are enough entries.

League specific rules may be adopted at the first regular league night by vote of league members.

Dates and Times:  Registration and team assignments will be on the first scheduled evening of shooting.  Shooters are encouraged to preregister.  League will run for a total of 10 weeks.  Shoots may be postponed by weather and will be made up by either a double shoot on another league day or an additional league day will be scheduled.   The first shoot will be a bank day and establishing of averages as necessary.  The first competition will be the second week of league.  Late registration will be allowed up until the shoot start time, on the second week of league.  Additional shooters may be added during league play, at the discretion of management, as appropriate for the league structure.

Cost:  Each shooter will pay an entry fee.  This fee will help cover trophies and prizes. League bird fees will be paid in advance and will be determined by competition format and quantity to be shot.  Youth fees are discounted.  A “Lewis” purse will be optional and will be administered by the secretary (or designated individual) each league evening.  Shooter is responsible for park entry fees.  An annual State Parks pass, which comes with a Centennial State Shooting Club membership, is recommended.  A Parks day pass may be purchased at the range for each evening’s shoot.

Payment of League Fees:  All league fees are due in full at the 2nd league night (first night for competition).  A league member who cannot fulfill his obligations to the league may transfer fees to another shooter who replaces the withdrawn shooter, for the value of the remaining league days only.  There is no refund of league fees.  A shooter is obligated for the season.  Failing to show for a league night without banked scores or withdrawing from league results in forfeiture of league fees.

Governance:  Leagues will be primarily governed by Family Shooting Center. The leagues exist at the direction of FSC management who will reserve the right to determine appropriateness of league defined rules and decisions should there arise a conflict of interest. FSC management has veto power in all matters. Secretary services to maintain league records may be provided by FSC but may be relinquished by management to a league participant or another individual.

Formats Available for League Shoot:  There are many format options for shooters.  A 50 shot format is recommended for spring and fall.  Summer league may shoot a 100 shot format.  The league may choose to shoot at handicap positions, on the 16 yard line or a combination.  Format is to be decided the first night of league.  Below are examples of league format.

Team Format:  All shooters will shoot with the same team every week at the 16 yard line. Shooters are welcome to organize a team of up to five shooters.  Groups under five can still shoot on the same team, but the remaining slots will be filled randomly by league management. Likewise, individual shooters will be randomly placed on a team. On the first day of competition, teams will also decide on a team captain. The team captain is responsible for ensuring that all team members either attend the shoot, or have targets banked.  Team captains are also responsible for checking and initialing scorecards directly after shooting.  TC is also responsible for communication with his team members, as when a league shoot is called off due to weather. TC will be called by the President.

Team Handicap:  Individual scores will receive a handicap value based on 70% of the difference between the accumulated individual average for the 16 yard line and 20.  For instance, a shooter shoots a 16, an 18 and a 20 over 3 weeks.  The average is 18.  The shooter's handicap is 70% of 20-18 or 1.4 for each round shot.  In the fourth week, the shooter shoots a 19 and a 17 at the 16 yard line.  The team score for this shooter will be 19 + 1.4 and 17 + 1.4 = 39.7.  The raw score plus handicap can never exceed 23.  If a shooter has a handicap of 4 and shoots a 20, even thought the combined score is 24, the applied score will be truncated to a maximum of 23.

Team Competition:  Each week, teams will be paired and shoot in direct competition on the same trap. If there are an odd number of teams, one team each week will draw a bye.  If there are only 5 teams, then team No. 6 on the pairing list will be the bye. Teams will compete with a different team each week until all teams have shot against each other (league turn-out permitting). Teams are responsible for providing a competent puller/scorer for the team they are competing against.

Team Ranks:  Winning team from a paired match receives a win “1”, looser a “0”. At the end of league, champion is determined by the team with the most wins.  If there is a point tie of wins, then total accumulated score will determine the winner.

Individual Format:  Shooters will compete for individual awards by competing at handicap yardage. Awards will be given for high shooters in each division.  Divisions will be identified primarily by number of shooters in the division and total league participation.  Ties after week 10 final shoot will be decided by the shooters total bird count, summing scores from both team and individual games.  Ties shall be decided by adding the shooter’s 16 yard cumulative score (team) to his handicap score.


The Top Dog individual award shall be decided by the combination of all league scores.  The highest total bird shot count of an eligible shooter will decide the Top Dog award, irrespective of class or division placement.  The TD winner receives only the TD award and no other individual division award.

Scores for silver will consist only of the handicap yardage scores.  A minimum number of shooters may be required in a division to offer silver awards.  There is a possibility of a division per yard line plus ladies plus youth divisions. The number of silver awards available will depend upon the number of shooters and is determined by FSC management.  Bank scores do not count for eligibility of silver.  The shooter must be present and shooting the day of silver awarding.

Classification and Handicap Yardage:  Individual shooters will be classed according to their percentage of broken targets. This will be decided as follows:

If a shooter has shot in a FSC league in the last 3 years (any of the last 9 leagues), his scores’ average from the last league participated in will be used to determine his minimum yardage for week two.  The returning shooter will not be able to move forward in yardage.  For all shooters:

1st week of league all shooters shoot bank targets at 21 yard line.

2nd week of league new shooter handicap yard line is determined by 1st week scores (bank scores) with returning shooters using the previous league’s final yard line position.

3rd week of league all shooter’s handicap yard line is determined by bank and 2nd week scores.

4th week of league all shooter’s handicap yard line is determined by 2nd and 3rd weeks scores. The bank week scores are dropped from the calculation and are not used for the rest of the league unless a bank is used for score.  Cumulative average of the shooter is used to compute minimum yardage for all subsequent weeks.  Moving forward as well as back is allowed after second week of shooting.


Classification can be changed if a shooter consistently shoots significantly higher than his or her classification average, (at the league management’s discretion).

The averages and yardage assignments are as follows:

                        95 - 100%     =         27 yard line        Ave.      = 23.75 - 25

                        90 94.99% =         26 yard line                     = 22.50 - 23.74

                        85 89.99% =         25 yard line                     = 21.25 - 22.49

                        80 84.99% =         24 yard line                     = 20.00 - 21.24

                        75 79.99% =         23 yard line                     = 18.75 - 19.99

                        70 74.99% =         22 yard line                     = 17.50 - 18.74

                        65 69.99% =         21 yard line                     = 16.25 - 17.49

                        60 64.99% =         20 yard line                     = 15.00 - 16.24

                          0 59.99% =         19 yard line                     =         0 - 14.99

Establishing Division for shooter:  Ladies and juniors may compete among themselves in a Ladies division and a Junior division.  A junior may shoot in the men’s division and receive a classification or he may choose to remain a junior.  Junior is defined as being under 18 yrs. old on the date of last scheduled league play.  Turning 18 during the regular league scheduled shoots will place the shooter into the adult category from week one.  A junior lady may also choose either the ladies or the junior division.  Ladies and juniors will shoot at their respective yard line based on their cumulative scores, just as the men.   The choice of division must be made at league sign up and cannot be changed during the course of league shooting.

It is possible to move up to a higher division or to a lower division after shooting the 9th league.  The division that the shooter moves into after the 9th regular league shoot, is the division that the shooter competes in for silver and trophies on the 10th and final night of league.


Divisions will generally break down into the categories identified above.  In the event that a large number of shooters group in a division, the decision can be made to split into 2 divisions.  For instance, if Division 3 has 17 shooters in yardage 22-23 yards, (8 in 22 and 9 in 23) then division 3 can be split into 2 divisions, a 22 yard with 8 shooters and a 23 yard with 9 shooters.  There are potentially 11 divisions (19-27 and ladies and juniors).  As a rule, there will be no more than 6 paying divisions at any time silver is offered and there may be less.  This will be at the discretion of Family Shooting Center management and is highly dependent on total number of shooters in the league.

Banking Targets:  A shooter may “bank” 16 yard and handicap targets. The first day of shooting will be a bank day; all shooters bank 16 yard targets and handicap targets (from the 21 yard line). Scores for banked targets will be added to the shooter’s scores for shoots missed.  Banked targets must be shot prior to the day and time that the scores are used to fill for an absent shooter.  Shooters will receive a “Bank Card” when they check in at the office to shoot a bank.  The card will be filled out by the puller.  The shooter must declare bank rounds prior to shooting. 1 or 2 bank cards will be issued to the shooter (1 needed for 2 rnds of trap; 2 needed for 4 rnds of trap).  The shooter keeps one side of the card for his records and the puller turns in the second card to the office.  Special arrangements can be made to bank targets if a shooter is out of town for more than a week, or has some other legitimate reason for missing a shoot. It is the shooter’s responsibility to attend the shoot or have banked scores ready every week.  Also, if a shooter approaches the last weeks of league with excess banked rounds, the banked rounds will be applied to the team and individual week scores first. If a shooter has more than one week of banked scores on the final week of league, he will not be allowed to shoot league for score.  His excess banked rounds will be applied first.  A shooter cannot have more than one week of banked scores at the end of league.  The combined number of paid trap rounds for the league is 20 or 40.  Any rounds shot in excess of this amount are an additional cost at $5.50 per round.  If a shooter is short of rounds shot at the end of league, there is no refund.  All league shooting ends on the final evening of league.  No bank make-ups are allowed after league ends.

Team Dog Scores:  Shooters will be allowed one “dog score” for team scores (shooter’s raw score average minus two targets), if they miss a shoot and do not have targets banked. After the dog score is used, a team with a missing shooter will take a team dog score.  The team dog score is the average score of all team shooters as of the day of the shoot, using the raw shooting score and valid banked scores (no handicap added) minus 2 birds.  Other individual dog scores are not allowed.

A “league dog score” shall be calculated for team score if a team has fewer shooters than required for a full team.  A league dog score is defined as the combined score of all league members, not just the shooters team.  League Dog Score is the average of the week raw scores, including banks, minus 2 birds.

A team’s chances of winning are obviously greatly diminished if a shooter fails to turn in scores for the week. Don’t let your team down!  Also, no more than 4 bank days will be allowed to count for score.  A shooter must shoot at the regular league times for at least 5 of the 9 regular league days (not including the first bank week of league).  Shooters who miss more than 4 league shoots may forfeit all prizes for which they might otherwise be eligible.  Note:  A team will forfeit a match if the team has less than 50% of its compliment of shooters with raw score (shot the day or banked).  For instance, for a 4 man team, the 50% rule is met with either a bank or a shot score for that day for 2 shooters.  Dog scores do not count.  There must be 2 of 4 scores that are raw scores.  For a 5 man team, 3 team scores for the day must be raw or banked in order to avoid forfeit.

Individual Dog Score:  Shooters will be allowed one “dog Score” for individual scores (shooters individual average minus 2 targets) if they miss a shoot and do not have targets banked.  The individual will score a zero for his handicap scores if he has taken his one time dog score and has no banked scores.  His average for the league will be calculated based on only the shot scores and the one time dog score.  Zero days will not be averaged in.

No Show and Withdrawal:  If a shooter withdraws from league or does not show for league and has no bank score, the team may replace the shooter with a new member.  The withdrawn shooter shall forfeit the league fees, at the discretion of FSC management, and shall not be eligible for any league prizes.  If a team cannot replace a withdrawn/no show team member, the team will use a “league dog score”.

Weather:  League shooting may be cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions. League management will strive to make cancellation decisions as far in advance as possible.  Last minute decisions for cancellation will occur with a phone call to the league president at 1 hour prior to start time.  League president will notify team captains who will in turn notify team members.  Calling the Family Shooting Center prior to the 1 hour before start time will be of no use in most cases as final decision will not be made until the one hour mark.


Be aware that a shooter who has begun shooting league night is obligated to shoot all rounds that are shot by the rest of the league at the time being shot.  Weather and low light may be factors in whether the league is postponed or cancelled.  But league shooting may continue if conditions are only marginally bad.  If the shooter chooses to quit shooting because of unfavorable conditions to him, and the league is not postponed, that shooter may take zeros for score, may cause his team to forfeit a match win, and could face forfeiture of all awards.  This rule is enforced at management discretion.  Picking and choosing the time and conditions of setting scores is not ethical and will not be condoned by FSC management in the course of providing a fun and fair venue for all level expertise shotgun shooters.

Shooter Agreement:  By entering the league all shooters agree to abide by these rules and regulations. For safety concerns, all shooters must obey all range rules, including but not limited to; consumption of drugs or alcohol, ammunition restrictions, gun safety, and pets. By signing the league signup sheet, the shooter agrees to be bound by the FSC shooters’ waiver and all of its content.  Please stop by the range office or visit our website for a complete list of range rules. All situations not covered above or in the FSC range rules may be governed by official ATA guidelines and rules. These rules can also be amended by a majority vote by the league membership.

More details will be available the first day of league.

Family Shooting Center office number is 303-680-5401